wright wedding animated invites

2016 was the year of getting hitched! I gave up on the huge cost and effort of designing and printing my wedding invites, and devised my own plan. Animated invites! 

After I got together a gorgeous collection of artwork and the key font from some wonderful people at Creative Market - I designed the characters, put together the storyboard and then jumped into animation. Once the video was done - I designed the website on Squarespace to host the video, created a printable version and set up the RSVP form and this is what we sent out to all of our guests. 

It was such a seamless process and saved so much time! It was a huge hit with the guests too because they could RSVP instantly (and it would go straight into my spreadsheet). I could also send the invite to all of my family across the ocean in South Africa without having to worry that it would get lost along the way. 

I loved that through the animated invite I could fully capture the essence of what we wanted our wedding to be, and share this with our loved ones. 

Frames from the storyboard...

Liana and Nath invites - final layout-10.png
Liana and Nath invites - final layout-04.png
Liana and Nath invites - final layout-05.png
Liana and Nath invites - final layout-09.png

The final video…

The invitation…


If this is something you're interested in let me know!! I'm currently taking orders to create custom animated invites for other humans taking this next step in their love journey.