wright wedding event design

2016 saw me get hitched! It was a low key, backyard wedding but I still wanted it to be magical and embody everything my husband and I are into. 

I took a step away from managing animation projects and a step into organising a real life event (something I hadn't done in a long time!). With the help of Pinterest, family and friends, I made all my plans a reality. It really did consume all my thoughts for those few months of planning, but it was so worth it! I love it when a personal project does that to you ;)

It all began with Pinterest and then lots of Evernote notes and Google Spreadsheets...https://au.pinterest.com/lianaxliana/wedding-inspiration/

I wanted to weave the look and feel of my animated invites into the actual event itself, so I designed all the signs to have the same treatment...


...and some awesome stubby coolers as gifts to our guests! 


It was a truly magical day! 

So happy to have had the day captured. I edited the video together and was able to share the day with my family in South Africa and friends abroad who weren't able to make it in person. 

Definitely one of my favourite projects from 2016.