Hello and welcome to my little creative space.

I’m Liana.

brisbane-based animator + illustrator

lianabyliana is about sharing my take on the world, my inspiration, creative projects and curious wonderings in the hopes to connect, grow and inspire.

I believe that curiosity, exploration and adventure is the light of life.

Latest Projects 

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I collaborate with visionaries from many different fields to tell their stories through line, shape and colour. I am passionate about animation, illustration and design and using my craft to help people effectively communicate their ideas.Β 

Connect with me if you'd like to join forces on your next project! My services include design (for digital and print), illustration, storyboarding and animation.Β 

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I am so grateful, every day, for the opportunity to follow my dreams, create, collaborate, share and contribute to this amazing world. I am also very thankful for living in an age where I can explore freely and connect with others. There is so much inspiration and passion flowing through the world and I feel honoured to be part of this collective, creative energy.