Hello and welcome!

lianabyliana is a creative space filled with a collection of thoughts, ponderings and ideas shared through word and illustration in the hopes to connect, positively inspire and support others in their everyday lives. 

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I’m an illustrator, dreamer and explorer. 

I live in Australia (South African born).

Things that bring me joy are :: creating beautiful things, animation, yoga, travel, camping, nature and helping others. 

I believe that curiosity, adventure and exploration is the light of life. These things can be done everyday whereever you are - you don’t need to go somewhere special. They’re the light of life because these approaches keep you open minded, growing, constantly discovering new things and having new experiences, noticing the joys of life, appreciating the simple everyday things and seeing the world with a constant sense of wonder.

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I created this space because…

I go through phases where feel lost and overwhelmed by the world, people, events, experiences, others' thoughts and opinions which don’t always align with my own values and beliefs. These moments in time cause me to live from a place of fear and conformity - out of alignment with my heart. It feels like crap. I much prefer life when I’m grounded, living from a place of love and flow and in line with my values and beliefs. 

Over the years I’ve found that certain practices and ideas can help pull me out of that lost and overwhelmed state where I’d given my power of choice over to others. Sometimes being wrapped up in negative thoughts only requires taking a simple action that can change everything. For me it’s things like words of wisdom (corny I know, but some words can resonate so deeply and change my mindset in an instant), time in nature (walking, camping, experiencing new places), creating with no attachment to the outcome, music, adventures, trying something new, space, giving and spreading love. 

Writing and illustrating allows me time to more deeply contemplate these practices, inspirations and ideas that light me up. So I’ve decided to share them in this space in the hopes that they’d be useful for others too. Like a journal - a collection of thoughts, ideas and activities that can keep us grounded, living intentionally, giving, spreading love and finding joy in the wonders of this world on a daily basis. 

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I’m so grateful, every day, for the opportunity to follow my dreams, create, collaborate, share and contribute to this amazing world. I'm also very thankful for living in an age where i can explore freely and connect with others. There is so much inspiration and passion flowing through the world and i feel honoured to be part of this collective, creative energy.

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I truly hope that the things I create resonate with you and help to brighten your life in some way. 

Lots of love!